Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Michelle Obama: "I Almost Married Antonio Fargas"

Washington was shocked today by First Lady Michelle Obama's revelation that she almost married actor Antonio Fargas.

"This was before Harvard, before Barack," she explained.  "I was an impressionable black youth growing up on Chicago's South Side.  We all watched "Starsky and Hutch", and we were all in love with Huggy Bear.  I had his poster, his action figure, and his autograph.  That was not enough."

The young Michelle hitchhiked to Hollywood, lied her way onto the set and met her idol.

"I was even more in love when I looked at him.  Best believe I hugged me some Huggy Bear."

Michelle's parents caught up with the runaway and brought her home.

"I cried every one of those 1,750 miles," she remembered.  "My first and worst broken heart.  I've settled for men ever since.  Huggy still in my heart."

Mr. Fargas had no comment.  "A gentleman never tells," he said.


  1. That is sweet. We all have those that we look up to and feel that we would make an awesome pair with. Being able to travel that far and get in front of your television crush is great. We know you are loving your Husband now Michelle. Cause the rest of the nation is...The both of you have our support for sure. Antonio is happily married as well. To my mother...

    1. Tiffany, our organization works closely with Mr. Fargas and after reading the original post I was unable to receive the name of the source to discuss this post. If anyone knows where this article originated, validation is definitely in order. Apologies to the First Lady, the President and the Actor Antonio Fargas should be posted as well if this article is simply tabloid humor.

      Out of respect for those involved in the article, until proper validation is made, no further correspondence or sharing will be done on behalf of our organization.